CHOIR/SPECIAL MUSIC:  The Choir will rehearse for singing on Easter Sunday, April 12, at 9:45am.

EASTER EGG DECORATING PARTY:  During Sunday School and after worship on Palm Sunday, April 5. For all ages! Bring lots of eggs and any decorating items you especially like!

PALM SUNDAY:   April 5, 2020.  Worship at 10:30am. Come enjoy our celebration of welcoming Christ’s entry into Jerusalem.

HOLY THURSDAY COMMUNITY WORSHIP: April 9, 2020, 6pm, at the Augusta Fellowship United Methodist Church. All are welcome.

GOOD FRIDAY:  April 10, 2020, 8pm, at the Disciples of Christ, 2208 Winchell Avenue, Kalamazoo. Speak with Whitney if you would like to carpool together.

EASTER COFFEE HOUR: On April 12 we invite everyone who is able to bring in a small plate to share for a festive Coffee Hour! Thank you.

EASTER SUNDAY:   April 12, 2020

Sunrise Community Worship:  8:00am at Oak Grove Cemetery in


Community Breakfast:  8:30am at the Galesburg United Methodist


Choir Rehearsal:  9:45am at our church.

Easter Celebration:  10:30am at our church. All are welcome!

Easter Egg Hunt:  following worship on Easter. Please add the names of

your children & youth to the sign-up sheet, including any family/friends

that may be attending on Easter.