COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the recommendations of the CDC and the Michigan Conference, United Church of Christ, we are canceling all activities and worship through the month of March, 2020. In this way, we endeavor to help protect one another and our health care systems.

We are working to set up caring communities of support, and virtual gatherings through Zoom. Stay tuned for more news on how we are sustaining community together. Please feel free to call or email with any concerns or thoughts you may have. Visit our page on Facebook. And watch this space for further updates.

Our schedule for Holy Week & Easter remains to be seen. Watch our Event tab on this website for further scheduling announcements.

May we be fervent in our prayers for one another, and this situation throughout our communities and the world. Be blessed.

Together we seek the presence and guiding spirit of God in our lives, our worship, and the wider world.

We are a small intimate community that seeks to welcome all in the embrace of God’s love and our own. We have several community outreach programs. We celebrate our worship together as a place of freedom wherein the spirit’s breath blows in our midst, moving us to explore both our inward spaces, and calling us forth as agents of the holy in our living and in the world at large.

We welcome you to explore with us the living presence of God whose spirit breathes within and through us all!