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Our Mission

Together we seek the presence and guiding spirit of God in our lives, our worship, and the wider world.

We are a small intimate community that seeks to welcome all in the embrace of God’s love and our own. We have several community outreach programs. We celebrate our worship together as a place of freedom wherein the spirit’s breath blows in our midst, moving us to explore both our inward spaces, and calling us forth as agents of the holy in our living and in the world at large.

We welcome you to explore with us the living presence of God whose spirit breathes within and through us all!


To all who come through our doors…
If you are a visitor, stranger, or traveler, welcome.
If you are wondering about your faith or the spirit of a Christian community, welcome.
If you are a spiritual seeker looking for the fellowship of other faithful seekers, welcome.
We offer the warmth of our fellowship
and our commitment to live in a community of faith together.
We invite you to make our church your home.


Come on over to our house!
Where god is still speaking…
Through our faith and spiritual quest
Through our graceful acceptance of all people in God’s love
Through our acts of peace, compassion, and justice
With respect for all beliefs and practices
No matter where you are on life’s journey.


To help each person grow spiritually.
To love, care for, encourage the spirit and faith of all who come into our midst.
To be a conscience of the society around us.
To provide a place where followers of Jesus can grow in their relationship
and find a place to put their faith into action.


We gather each Sunday for the worship of God, to be reminded of our source and ground o being, to connect with the strength and beauty of being a community of God together at work in the world. Prayer sustains us. Music brings us both solace and joy. The living of Jesus both comforts and challenges us. Our fellowship with one another in the presence of God’s spirit sends us forth. ~ Here we commit ourselves to the joy, humor, tender mercies, and honest critique of being this community of God.


Our church was founded in 1832 in a house church on a local farm, and formally chartered in 1835. Our beautiful church building was built in 1861 and is a registered historical site with the State of Michigan. While our church is over 180 years old, our thinking is not.